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(Digital archiving and networks)

Information professions in the era of digital differentiation

Archives in the digital age : preservation and the right to be forgotten
Author :Abderrazak Mkadmi
© ISTE Editions / Wiley , July 2021
ISBN : 9781786306706. DOI:10.1002/9781119825029

Archiving has become an increasingly complex process. The challenge is no longer how to store the data but how to store it intelligently, in order to exploit it over time, while maintaining its integrity and authenticity.
Digital technologies bring about major transformations, not only in terms of the types of documents that are transferred to and stored in archives, in the behaviors and practices of the humanities and social sciences (digital humanities), but also in terms of the volume of data and the technological capacity for managing and preserving archives (Big Data).
Archives in The Digital Age focuses on the impact of these various digital transformations on archives, and examines how the right to memory and information of future generations is confronted with the right to be forgotten; a digital prerogative that guarantees individuals their private lives and freedoms.
238 pages

The french version is : Les archives à l'ère du numérique : préservation et droit à l'oubli

DTUC '18: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Digital Tools & Uses Congress
Editors: Everardo Reyes, Samuel Szoniecky , Abderrazak Mkadmi, Et al.
Conference: DTUC '18: Digital Tools & Uses Congress Paris France October, 2018
©Association for Computing Machinery, New York, United States

The first international Digital Tools & Uses Congress is a multidisciplinary conference devoted to study the uses and development of digital tools. It aims at assembling five interrelated symposia: 1) Web Studies1, 2) Challenges of IoT, 3) Recommender systems, 4) CIBAHN (Libraries and Archives in the Digital Humanities Era), and 5) Digital Frontiers. The intention of this consortium is to approach a common object of study from different perspectives in order to enrich the discussion and collaboration between participants.

In this edition, we propose in CIBAHN a series of reflections on all these issues related to technological advances in the dissemination, enhancement and perpetuation of content in the digital humanity’s era and their impact on the profession of the information specialist in the field at the professional, cultural and social level.

Digital library and information search
Coll. Information, hypermedia and communication
Auteur :Abderrazak Mkadmi, Imad Saleh
©Hermes Science, Lavoisier, Paris, France
ISBN : 2-7462-1820-8

Faced with the latest technological developments in the web and its new applications, digital libraries must now adapt and redefine their role in the three technical dimensions, architectural and social. This book presents the emergence and evolution of the projects of these online libraries which, to preserve their role as a place of knowledge, mediation and meetings and exchanges, must rethink their services by taking into account the new needs of open access documents and their uses. Proposing a study in-depth knowledge of the most recent advances in the fields of information retrieval, document management, collaborative work and the semantic web, the book also questions the impact that these various technological and socio-cultural changes could have on digital libraries and user practice.
Book of 280 p., // Publication date: 06-2008

Information professions, libraries and archives in the era of digital differentiation , Proceedings of the 15th international colloquium on electronic documents (CiDE.15)
Abderrazak Mkadmi, Khaldoun Zreik (sous la direction)
© 2012 europia Productions - 231 Pages
ISBN13 : 979-10-90094-10-9

CiDE.15 has set itself the objective of promoting research on information professions in the digital age and more particularly those of the web and technologies which are essential in all the services offered by the information centers: digitization, document lifecycle management, sustainability of digital documents, metadata, social indexing (folksonomies and ontologies), wikis (writable web), selective dissemination of information (RSS and Atom feeds), social networks, blogs, etc. Thus, several challenges that stand in the way of information professions may be identified. Among which, we cite the financial challenges of investing in technology and the challenges professionals related to the training and mastery of these technologies who would be able to offer services innovative in libraries and information centers.

Digital archiving and networks, Proceedings of the first edition of the international conference on Libraries and Archives in the era of Digital Humanities
Abderrazak Mkadmi, Imad Saleh et Khaled Habchi (dir.)
© 2016, Editions of the Higher Institute of Documentation
ISBN :978-9973-904-13-3

For its first edition, the CIBAHN colloquium (Libraries and Archives in the Age of Digital Humanities) will be held from October 19 to 20, 2016 under the theme "Digital archiving and networks" Bringing together researchers from all walks of life, the first edition of this colloquium is intended to be a space for exchange and promotion of research in the field of archives management, more precisely that which relates to the transformations of the profession of archivist at the era of the social web.

Collaborative information research: rethinking the architecture of RISs in the digital age
© 2016,European University Editions, 300 pages
Auteur :Abderrazak Mkadmi
ISBN-13 : 978-3-639-52769-8 / ISBN-10 :3639527690 / EAN : 9783639527698

With the recent explosion of the Web, great changes have taken place in both the nature of documents and corpora. and in user needs. This context gives rise to the use of XML to evolve towards the Semantic Web, terminological and conceptual resources (ontologies) and their structuring for web use; annotation semantics of documentary resources; user profiles; tools and means of collaborative work between the users. This exploitation of the XML language and its potential is presented through the realization of ICRS, our collaborative information retrieval system which integrates a database of documents in structured XML format according to models published in our XML model directory.

Hypermedia: design and production , Edited by Imad Saleh
© 2005,Hermes Science, Lavoisier, 340 pages
ISBN : 9782746210370

Composed of 9 chapters. We wrote the first two chapters (I. SALEH, A. MKADMI , E. REYES).
In the first chapter (From hypertext to hypermedia) , we present a synthesis on hypertext, and everything that results from this technology: changes in reading and writing information, as well as the passage to hypermedia through the multimedia. At the end of this chapter we present as an example the system hypertext HyWebMap which was developed at the Paragraph laboratory of the university Paris 8.
In the second (Hypermedia in the service of collaborative work) , we propose to present avenues for the use of collaborative work techniques to create and consult hypermedia. A few elements of definition of collaborative work, its modalities, its limits and his contributions, particularly in the field of hypermedia, will also be presented. Two tools produced within the paragraph laboratory are presented: " ICRS ": Information Collaborative Research System and " Hypertectol ": assistance tool for creating educational objects.

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